David Lee

I am a freelance photographer base in Penang, I shoot primary for weddings, portraits and events.

Before I got into photography, I never own a camera until about 6 years ago. My girlfriend (then, now is wife) and I bought a digital compact camera and we didn’t really know much about camera. So I tried to read up instruction manuals and learn basic camera operations and functions. Gradually I became the one who is using that camera most of the time, such as during our holiday trips, friends’ gathering or birthday parties, and some other occasions.

In 2008, I got myself a DSLR camera. After that I started to join a few photography forums, meeting new friends on every photo outing. Half year later, I was asked by a friend to assist him for shoot a wedding. Then I attended Louis Pang‘s 3 days workshop to learn more about wedding photography.

Currently I’m using a Canon 5D Mark III for shoot wedding. I choose Canon because I like the skin tone color it captured from the camera, it looks more natural. And most of my friends are using Canon as well, so that we can share using the lenses and other accessories when we go for a shoot.

In every wedding photography assignment, I always try to capture the moment and emotion of the couple in photojournalistic manner – real and without interruption of the occasion.

Lastly, for the couples soon to getting married, just relax and enjoy on your big day, and let us capture your unforgettable moments into photos for eternal memories.

Feel free to make an enquiry regarding my availability at:
+(60)12 4073420